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We hope to see you at our event!  Details below:

Yuri's Night "Imagining Space"

TUESDAY 16th of APRIL 2013 @ 7PM-10PM

National Arts Club
15 Gramercy Park South
New York, NY 10003

**Space is Limited and sold out last year: Get In Early
To RSVP for the event, please EMAIL artandtech@thenationalartsclub.org

7-8 VIP - $30 Admission, cocktails, grab food before you come so you can enjoy the 2 drinks you get with VIP Happy Hour!

8 - Free Admission! Live Music, cash bar, speakers, science, toast to Yuri Gagarin –

Night will begin to wind down at 10PM

Live Music

Frank Todaro
Your MC for the evening!

Walt Anderson, founder of MirCorp, discussing the Beauty of Space and the viability of colonization

A Reading of Ad Inexplorata, written and directed by Mark Rosenberg

Honeybee Robotics, with images and up to date information from the Mars Lander, Curiosity

Carter Emmart, Program Presenter and Director of Astrovisualization for the Rose Center at the Hayden Planetarium

SCIENCE CHEERLEADERS swabbing cellphones for microbes
to be used in an experiment on the International Space Station

Isaac Koren of Interscope recording artists The Kin discussing Math and Music

Please join us for our Toast to Yuri Gagarin and our Future in Space!

Produced by the Space Frontier Foundation www.spacefrontier.org
and the Art and Technology committee of the National Arts Club